Help Desk Service Providers

Our customer service representatives will communicate easily with your supported users, freeing your gurus from constant interruptions. Our 24/7 support center is staffed with composed Customer Service Representatives ready to attend to the needs of your callers.

There is value beyond dollars and cents when making the decision to outsource your Tier 1 support inquiries. Delivering service at this level is more about providing a receptive point of contact equipped with call control, and less about technical engineering.

  • Log / update tickets
  • Reset passwords
  • Troubleshoot basic set-up issues
  • Assist with feature / functionality tasks

Essential Relationships In The Hands Of Others

It is almost counter-intuitive to think outsiders could do a better job than you do at supporting your customers, but it is the truth. Our courteous agents are free from the burdens of negative baggage that often accompanies the knowledge of an insider. In addition, TelAssist agents have no stake in protecting the status quo. Enjoy the freedom to set and change support policies by engaging TelAssist.

How We Do It

We empower our most experienced support professionals by specifically training them to understand the resolutions to your most requested inquiries. Support is delivered by employing static instructions and contextual decision trees. Direct benefits from this method are obtaining consistent results and faster service.

More Performance From Your Knowledge Base

End users think and talk about their issues in a different language than technicians. The communication can often become adversarial because the natural instinct (and rightfully so) is to assume pilot error. Let us lead the way to blameless problem resolution by bridging the divide.

  • Selecting the keywords necessary to pull relevant results
  • Utilizing terminology consistent with your products / services
  • Employing more advanced search techniques


Broaden your support hours without fatiguing your talent. Our help desk solutions will provide the necessary screening to after-hours inquiries, so only critical issues are dispatched. In addition, enjoy the confident feeling that comes from a managed escalation plan.


Pick just the support you need. more

  • Voice
  • Email
  • Web-chat
  • Hybrid

May We Help You?

Interested in learning more about partnering with TelAssist? We welcome the opportunity to discuss ways to improve communication with your users while freeing up your staff to tackle the more complex technical issues.