Customer Support Service

You want all of your customers to be cheerfully greeted by a knowledgeable person who is ready to help. You want each of your customers to be given a chance to express their issue. You want the issue resolved on the spot. You want your customers to be delighted, almost surprised, by experiencing a great customer service experience. TelAssist can help you deliver delightful business enhancing solutions to your customers.

  • Customer care professionals
  • Instructions are driven for consistent results
  • 24/7 escalation to a TelAssist Supervisor to solve complex issues

Essential Relationships In The Hands Of Others

It is almost counter-intuitive to think outsiders could do a better job than you do at supporting your customers, but it is the truth. Our courteous agents are free from the burden of negative baggage that often accompanies the knowledge of an insider. In addition, TelAssist agents have no stake in protecting the status quo. Enjoy the freedom to set and change support policies by engaging TelAssist.

Singular Agenda

One of our top priorities is to deliver support, so our focus is on providing the customer a superlative experience. Our entire business, as well as our agent’s compensation, is driven by exceptional service delivery. That singular focus, enhanced by flat out gumption, makes us genuine customer advocates. Our agents are:

  • Experienced at communicating with a diverse population
  • Accomplished listeners
  • Habitually consistent at following processes / instructions

Evolving Experts

What kind of an outsourced partner tells you how to do things? We do! As we gain experience and insight into your customer’s common issues, we share our thoughts and ideas with you. Of course, not every idea is worth acting on; but when we can help improve efficiency and satisfaction, it is a win-win situation for everyone.

Process Professionals

Preparing for the kickoff of a new service engagement can be an eye opener. The TelAssist team responsible for getting the ball in motion has the know how to evolve your current processes into a dynamic program.

  • Complete IT and telecom coordination
  • Develop resources to support agent interaction
  • Partner in creating training materials
  • Delineate communication plan and reporting schedule

Tempted To Give Us A Call?

We welcome your inquiry to learn how TelAssist can improve your customer relationships. Whether you are looking to overhaul your process, or just seeking extra help, we are ready to assist you.