Call Center Escalation Solutions

Help Desk Call Escalation Procedures

Day or night, holiday or not, urgent situations require a predictable and consistent response. Precisely managed escalation procedures deliver a reliable response while keeping the reaction time to a minimum.

Mission Critical

A defining moment in your company’s reputation is your response to a customer experiencing a mission critical failure. Confidence gained by quickly restoring order is so valuable that it practically can’t be measured.

  • Always available with 24/7 service
  • No surprises with clearly defined processes
  • Link a specialist to specific products/services

Established Protocol

Bring more resources to your response plan with TelAssist’s defined dispatch protocol. Configure the framework to acquire the mandatory information needed to determine the response required.

  • Expedite the process as a reaction to severity or to duration
  • Explicitly define the severity of individual problems
  • No limit on the number of steps required in the progression of a single event

Documentation and Reporting

An audit trail is systemically created with every action taken by a TelAssist agent / dispatcher. Additionally, all activity automatically completed by our communication server is recorded.

  • Events are documented in your local time
  • Dispatch sequences are humanly managed and documented
  • All call detail can be exported to create a custom report

Inspired to Learn more?

Contact us to discuss your desired response plan. We welcome the opportunity to share our ideas on dispatching protocols and how TelAssist can become part of your emergency response strategy.