24 Hours A Day, 365 Days Per Year

TelAssist provides service 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Our commitment to be continuously available is backed by a strong business continuity plan. Our infrastructure includes a natural gas generator, multiple sources for Internet connectivity, and multiple phone circuit groups. Should we experience a complete disaster, our services will be delivered utilizing an off premise system. Our agents access the off premise system remotely.

We test all of our business continuity processes on a quarterly basis to gain experience and confidence, as well as to make sure every portion of the plan is operational.

Your Business Contingency Plan

Many of our customers are pleased to learn how we can help with their own disaster planning. We can offer simple and inexpensive ideas to help keep the lines of communication open during weather events or other situations that cause a loss of connectivity. We welcome a discussion and are willing to share our experiences. Do not hesitate to call us if you wish to discuss your business continuity plan.

Use Your TelAssist Services As Needed

We are here 24/7 but our services are also available as needed. If you need a partner for overflow call traffic, weekends only, or just after normal business hours, our agents are ready. We understand that unpredictable events occur in your daily business that can change your normal call flow. We are prepared to assist you during such events. We are ready to be your partner whenever you need one.

Seasonal Business

We understand that some businesses have peak seasons that are very different than the rest of the year. Our customer service team can help you prepare for seasonal peaks by supporting you from the planning stage right through the service delivery.

Give Us A Call

Interested in learning more about our service availability? We welcome the opportunity to discuss your individual situation.