Inbound Contact Center Focused on Customer Service
We are passionate about delivering great customer service. Engage our
responsive and capable agents to serve your organization.
Utilizing The Cloud
Cloud computing improves the effectiveness of the outsourced engagement. Whether the undertaking is transactional or support based, first call resolution is not just cost effective; it is great customer service.
First Call Resolution
Utilizing the cloud to access and update your customer records empowers our agents to gain customer confidence by quickly resolving inquiries during the first call. Requests to update or receive deeper clarification are enabled by the cloud.
Account information update
Password reset
True collaboration can be accomplished by cloud based communication. Instant messaging, file sharing and mobile applications turn employees and agents into a cohesive work group. Through experience, TelAssist agents have become accustomed to effectively communicating using these newer channels.
More Knowledgeable Agents
By utilizing your essential applications, our agents acquire a keener understanding of your business. The emergence of a better informed agent is achieved by having a global understanding of the task at hand.
Product or service selection
Better utilized resources
Intuitive troubleshooting
Real Time Reporting
Data entered or updated directly into the resident application allows for accurate real time reporting and accounting. In addition, accuracy is improved by our agents' ability to verify that all data is current.
Develop Your Own Solution
Wondering if you can develop a relationship with an outsourced partner that will fit your exact needs? Give us a call to discover the possibilities.
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