Professional Services Delivered At A Fair Price
Our capable agents deliver quality services in an effective and efficient manner.
How We Charge For Our Services
In order to offer the best possible pricing to our customers, most of our service packages are based upon the time our agents are actively serving your organization. Agent time is calculated in exact seconds for total cumulative time. Additional actions and services are tabulated on a per use basis.
Time Based Billing or Per Transaction Billing
We understand that the time pricing model does not fit every customer, so we can also offer service packages based upon the number of transactions. Generally speaking, transaction pricing is not as economical as time based pricing.
Basic Service Package
All of our services carry a base service package. Base service packages can be customized to include reports, VPN and other IT considerations, as well as any other items your organization will need for a complete solution.
Menu Approach For Requirements Beyond The Basics
We want to fulfill all of your service program requirements, so we will do just about anything within reason. We can add special or even unusual tasks to the mix with a menu approach to pricing. If you need it, we will figure out a way to deliver and price it.
Shared Agents
Our contact center is a shared agent environment. An important reason for favoring the shared agent model is consistent quality and service delivery regardless of agent off days, vacations, and variations with inbound traffic volumes. If you must have dedicated agents, and you accept the limitations that come with such an engagement, then we can accommodate you.
Value In Efficiency
Our pricing is generally in the mid-range of contact center pricing. Our largest cost in providing service is the actual salary of our agents and staff. At a minimum, our agents deserve to be paid reasonable wages for their outstanding work. Our professional staff provides performance and economy through efficient handling.
Pricing Is Only A Fraction Of A Successful Engagement
If you wish to discuss our programs, pricing or any other aspect of our service offerings, please feel free to give us a call. Once we understand your needs, we will create a package that exactly fits your organization.
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