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responsive and capable agents to serve your organization across all channels.
Phone, Email, Web Chat, Text and Other Mobile Interactions

One of the biggest challenges in delivering customer support across multiple channels is maintaining the consistency of the message. When considering the appropriate level of formality and tolerance for actual message length, the message may be compromised by factors that have nothing to do with content. Partner with TelAssist to keep your multi-channel communication in sync with your entire customer service delivery program.

Uniform quality through specific measurements
Homogeneous mindset on issue resolution
Dependable process resolution
Doing It Right
Not matching the communication style to the medium may make your business appear disconnected. A small amount of chit-chat conveys friendliness during verbal communication yet can become annoying during text messaging. Verbally referring to online resources can be a bit irritating, but is welcomed in an online chat environment. We understand how to do it the right way.
Resource planning for email, text, and chat
Progress notification
Communication across the entire enterprise for complete resolution
Proficient Staff
Capable and professional, our staff members average over 5 years of customer service / call center experience. Our agents remain current through ongoing training that encompasses crucial topics.
Communication and listening skills
Accuracy and verification procedures
HIPAA compliance
Other industry specific training / compliance
Predetermined Process
When a business communication goes viral, it is often great for business. Other times, it is not. We understand what originates in a text or picture / video form can, and will, be shared. At TelAssist, we exclusively serve your customers utilizing a predetermined process that will deliver information in a professional manner. Our clear common sense interactions are sure to be shared with no worry of an unwanted surprise.
Our Agents Are Your Customer Support Professionals
The TelAssist agent that will serve your callers will also serve your online and mobile users. Therefore, the experience gained from connecting with all channels will contribute to the overall quality of service delivery.
Acquaint Yourself With Our Solutions
Wondering if you can improve your service delivery while keeping costs under control? Contact us to learn how TelAssist can introduce a fresh approach to providing customer support 24/7. Our practical point of view may just be the help you need.
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